Investors – Make sure you use the Landlord Coop Program!

Almost weekly we have a issue with PGW liens in a settlement where one investor is selling a single family property or a apartment building to a another investor.  The same conversation takes place over and over.  “The tenants pay their own gas bills we separately metered the property because of this…”, the seller will protest.   Well a Philadelphia title company knows better.  If there is a tenant who does not pay PGW has the right to file a lien against the property.  Hence if there is a past balance at the time of closing all outstanding PGW balances must be paid up at the time of closing for the buyer to obtain a clear title insurance policy.  We have seen situations where thousands of dollars has been owed to PGW and the seller had no idea his/her tenants were not paying.  Unfortunately they are stuck with the bill.  Good luck going after the tenants at this point…

There is a solution though.  Any Philadelphia Title Company will tell you the best way to protect yourself as a landlord in Philadelphia, is to join “The Landlord Cooperation Program (LCP)”.  This program is offered by PGW to Philadelphia’s residential rental property owners (landlords). LCP has been designed with substantial input from landlords and landlord association groups, such as the Homeowner’s Association of Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors, to assist residential rental property owners in avoiding the placement of gas liens on registered properties, and to help PGW with necessary meter access. Property owners who provide full and complete cooperation and compliance with LCP are not subjected to the placement of liens on registered properties. A landlord that belongs to the LCP merely brings proof to the Philadelphia Title Insurance company that is conducting the closing and any past due balances that are showing up under the property need not be paid.

In the LCP, property owners who provide full and complete cooperation and compliance with LCP are not subjected to the placement of liens on registered residential properties for unpaid gas service which benefited their registered properties during the time of their compliance with LCP.  Not all properties are eligible for the LCP.  Take note that the property must be separately metered, can not be owner occupied and no commercial or industrial properties are applicable. Moreover as the owner of the property you must maintain a Philadelphia Rental License each year the property is being rented.

We highly suggest all investors to apply their properties to the program.  Follow this link to sign into the portal and register your properties for the LCP.  Here is a link for more terms and conditions to the program.



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